Recruitment, Selection and Placement Flow

The Recruitment Selection and Placement (RSP) of the Department which is supervised by the HRMPSB is one of the human resource core systems that aims to recruit, select and place individuals with requisite qualifications and competence to fill jobs in the organization.

Job Application

JOB APPLICATION is the document submitted alongside with the applicants’ CS Form 212 (Personal Data Sheet) to include Work Experience Sheet (WES) as the case maybe, Training Certificates/Certificate of Trainings Attended from the HRDS, Authenticated Certificate/s of Eligibility/ies, Transcript of Records/Diploma/Certification of Grades

Assessment, Exam and Interview

The HRMPS Board assess the applicants as to the minimum qualification standards (QS) to the vacant position to determine who may qualify to proceed with the next steps in the evaluation process: Examination and Interview


The careful consideration, consultation among the members of the HRMPS Board to determine the top 5 among the candidates to the vacant position.


The HRMPS Board presents the top 5 candidates to the appointing authority for her final interview and selection.



This is to inform all applicants to vacant positions in our publication dated October 19, 2022 with Salary Grade 15-22 that the result of the pre-assessment conducted by the HRMPSB will now be available on December 6, 2022. The communication will be directly sent to the applicants email addresses and cellphone numbers.
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